I am Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Rochester.  I received my Ph.D. in philosophy from Princeton University in November 2007.  I taught at the University of Nebraska at Omaha from 2007-2015, and at Colgate University in 2006-2007.

My main areas of research are metaphysics and the philosophy of mind. I am especially interested in the metaphysics of properties and relations, including the ontology of mental and normative properties.  I also work on the relation of grounding (non-causal determination) and associated areas (fundamentality, truthmaking, explanation, metametaphysics, etc.).  Some of my other interests are time and change, causation, consciousness, composition and constitution, personal identity, freedom and moral responsibility, and moral generalism.

I have been fortunate to teach a variety of different courses, including:  Metaphyics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Ethical Theory, Symbolic Logic, Early Analytic Philosophy, Advanced Philosophical Writing, Critical Reasoning, and of course Introduction to Philosophy.

My non-philosophical interests include fitness and weightlifting, bowling, playing the piano, cooking (read:  eating), playing fiercely competitive Nintendo, and playing with my Legos children.  Until December 2012, I had the single best dog in the four-dimensional cosmos.  In Omaha, I had a close relationship with the snakes that lived in my garage door.  I hope I can eventually return to performing stand-up comedy.
Paul R. Audi
Associate Professor of Philosophy